Finally An Injury Update On Vince McMahon



It had been reported a few weeks ago that Vince McMahon had torn his quad during a workout that required surgery. He had initially been away from the business. According to Wrestling Inc, there’s another injury update for Vince McMahon.

Dave Meltzer noted in The Wrestling Observer that McMahon has a big brace on his leg. While he wasn’t walking all that well, he is not using crutches.

This is encouraging news for the WWE to hear that McMahon is recovering from such a serious injury. Given his age at 71 years old, it will likely take a bit longer for him to fully heal from this ailment. Nonetheless, it will not prevent him from participating the day-to-day business for his company.

Over the years, McMahon has become a heavy workout junkie that has been known to take it to extreme measures. This was just his body telling him that he needs to tone it down a bit. That said, once the injury heals expect him to be back at in the weight room.

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