Finn Balor Has His Fingers Crossed In Hopes A WWE Legend’s Return



In the last few weeks, there has been talk about Hulk Hogan returning to the WWE in the near future. It has only grown louder in the last few days. In a recent interview with Screen Geek, Finn Balor voiced much excitement about the possibility of the Hulkster coming back.

“Obviously, the expression is [that] anything can happen in the WWE, and me as a fan, I would love Hulk Hogan to come back,” Balor admitted. “I don’t know if that’s possible, but a lot stranger things have happened in the past, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility one bit – and I’d love it. If I got an opportunity to wrestle Hulk Hogan, that would be even better.”

Although Hogan has been involved in a couple of very questionable situations, he has remained a fan favorite. He has always had the door open for a return to the company based on what he has accomplished over his illustrious career. With that in mind, it appears that Hogan could make his return at WrestleMania 33 next April.

He may have just shot down the report fueled by his daughter, it doesn’t completely shut the door on the scenario. He has remained in a good graces with the company over the years, which only increase the possibility of something being worked out. This is something that should be monitored over the next several weeks.

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