Former NBA Player Arrested On Disturbing Sexual Assault And Home Invasion Charges



Professional sports have seen a disturbing number of sexual assault scandals in recent years, and another one has just landed. This one is particularly creepy and disturbing.

The former player involved is Orien Greene, who played for the Celtics, the Pacers, the Kings and the Nets before leaving the league to play overseas. He’s been arrested on suspicion of breaking and entering two homes and sexually assaulting one of the occupants.

According to police reports, Greene broke into a neighbors house early in the morning and snuck into the master bedroom. After finding a 56 year old woman, he left. He then broke into another house and found a 40 year old woman asleep. He allegedly kissed the woman and rubbed her buttocks until she woke up and started screaming.

He’s been charged with felony burglary and misdemeanor battery, and if found guilty will become a registered sex offender.

It’s a bizarre case, one that he’s yet to comment on. We’ll have more as the story develops.

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