Former Star Rams Player Boycotts Rams Games For This Insane Reason



Eric Dickerson is one of the most iconic players in Los Angeles Rams history. He won three rushing titles in four-plus years with the team before being traded to the Colts. However, despite his remarkable success in LA, Dickerson said he’s no longer welcome on the Rams’ sideline during games.

That news came out on Monday before Rams exec Kevin Demoff assured everyone on Twitter that former players are always welcome at practice and on the sideline.

That apparently wasn’t enough to make up for the fact that Rams coach Jeff Fisher reportedly called Dickerson and essentially told him he can’t be on the sideline during games. Here’s how the conversation went, according to Dickerson, via AM 570 LA Sports.

“Jeff Fisher called me and told me the Rams weren’t going to have me talking bad about the team, and asking for things from the team. I had asked for some sideline passes for some buddies to go alongside me on the sideline. I have my own pass. He said as long as he’s the coach, I’m not welcome on the sideline. The players feel uncomfortable with me on the sideline. I thanked him for having the guts to call me.”

It sounds like Dickerson’s beef is with the Rams’ upper management, and even more so with Fisher.

“The Rams made me out like the villain back in the ’80’s. This is how I get treated? Still? I love my football team, but I will never attend a game as long as he’s the head coach,” he said. “He had the nerve to call me to tell me that. He doesn’t have that right. He hasn’t had a winning season with the Rams ever!”

Dickerson reiterated that the conversation changed only after he stood up to Fisher and said he doesn’t have the right to tell him what he can or can’t say about the Rams.

“The good conversation came after I let him know what time it was. Then he backed down. I told him I’m not a kid, I’m a grown ass man,” he said. “I’ve been fine without the Rams for thirty years. I wasn’t yelling, I just told him how I felt. I don’t like asking for anything. I don’t even like going to football games.”

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