Furious Colts Fans Deface Practice Facility To Send A Message



The Colts had a disappointing season this year, to say the least. In Andrew Luck’s first three years with the team, they went 11-5 every year, making it one game further into the playoffs each year. But for the last two years they’ve been exactly average, going 8-8 both times.

Colts fans are justifiably angry. They’ve a young quarterback who’s already among the best in the league, and they seem to be wasting him. Some fans have gotten so angry that they actually went on down to the Colts practice facility to leave a message for the franchise’s leadership.

Doesn’t get more clear and simple than that. Given the Colt’s offensive struggles, it’s clear they need something new. If only one of the greatest quarterbacks in recent history, who also served as an unofficial on-field offensive coordinator, had recently retired after spending most of his career in Indianapolis. Surely a guy like that could help develop one of the best quarterbacks around.

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