George Karl Finally Takes Makes The Right Move



Former NBA coach George Karl came under fire after several controversial texts were released from his book “Furious George.” He has caught much slack for the dialogue that seemed to target many of his former players. In a recent interview with the NBA A to Z podcast with USA Today’s Sam Amick and Jeff Zillgit, Karl voiced his regret for the fatherhood comments he made.

“I think the one thing is (the) fatherhood (comments),” Karl told Amick and Zillgit. “Fatherhood is very important to me, and I made that a target. It seems like that was the one thing, and I said it poorly, I wrote it poorly, it’s read poorly in the book.”

These statements lost a lot of respect that he not only had the player he was discussing in Kenyon Martin but other players in and around the league. It has tarnished his reputation with many, including some beyond repair. There is certainly much more that Karl is going to have to prove otherwise.

He had many different passages from the book that have received much public backlash. These comments reflect poorly of him and may have taken a huge shot at his relationships around the NBA. That said, apologizing is a tremendous step in the right direction.

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