Goldberg Comments On Possible WWE Return



In the past few months, the rumor mill has been heating up about Goldberg possibly returning to the WWE. It has only intensified over the last few days. In light of that, Goldberg finally commented on the situation in an interview with ESPN on Wednesday night.

Although the 49-year-old isn’t exactly providing much insight, reports are suggesting that his Survivor Series match against Brock Lesnar is still scheduled to happen. There is a deal that is said to be in place, the only hold up is that Vince McMahon isn’t too excited about the idea just yet.

If Goldberg does return to the WWE, it’s expected to be just a one-off match between the two superstars. This is a dramatic shift in standing between both sides due in large part of his involvement with WWE 2K17. This is certainly something to keep an eye moving forward.

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