Goldberg Has A Stern Message For Fans Wanting To Boo Him



It has been nearly two weeks since Goldberg accepted Brock Lesnar’s challenge to wrestle next month at Survivor Series. This will mark his first match in nearly 13 years. In light of that, Goldberg knows that there is a strong possibility he may get booed, and for those who will do that he has a strong message for them.

“At the end of the day, I hope everybody has fun. And if I just so happen to get booed, then, I am surely not going to go out and end my life because of it. At the end of the day, it’s other people’s interpretation upon your act at that moment, so if I get booed, then, I’ll take it out on Brock more so than I’m doing already. And I believe that that’s what we wanted to do to each other when we were booed the last time we met. And I think this time, the gloves, as we say, are off, so this is going to be a war.”

Goldberg is certainly a changed man this time around as he’s just grateful for the opportunity to wrestle in the WWE again. This is something that many did not anticipate this happening a few months ago, and for things to make a complete turnaround just goes to show that anything is possible. He has a big opportunity in front of him to recapture some of his old luster that he had with wrestling fans before his departure.
That said, the biggest challenge ahead will be being ready physically to handle being in a wrestling match with Brock Lesnar. This will present a huge task to take on the brute force that Lesnar wrestles with in the ring. If he can get through that, this could be a very satisfying homecoming for Goldberg.

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