Goldberg Has Some Choice Words For Seth Rollins



Several weeks ago during an appearance on ESPN’s ‘First Take,’ Seth Rollins took some blatant shots at Goldberg, in essence, stating that his time has come and gone. However, the professional wrestling icon has since returned to the company. In light of that, Goldberg has finally issued a response back to Rollins during his appearance on ESPN’s ‘First Take.’

Although this may be more of a fake beef to spice things up for Goldberg’s return, it certainly shows that he hasn’t lost it. The 49-year-old is still as confident as ever that he can still cause problems. Rollins is one of the top wrestlers in the business and his comments have only pushed Goldberg more to the center stage.

If he were to get another match in the WWE, Rollins would be a viable option for an opponent. It would be a clash between the older generation and New Era of professional wrestling. All in all, it’s just an encouraging sight to see Goldberg fully confident in his abilities.

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