Goldberg Makes A Huge Announcement That Everyone Has Been Waiting For



In the last few weeks, things have heated up even more regards to Goldberg’s potential return to the WWE. There has been a sudden imminence to the conversation. In response to Paul Heyman calling him out on a challenge from Brock Lesnar, Goldberg is finally going to make his comeback on Raw.

This all but cements the premise that the two professional wrestling icons will part take in another match 12 years after their first meeting at WrestleMania XX. The expectation is that it will occur at Survivor Series next month in likely a one-off match. Goldberg will provide this situation with clarity next week on Raw when he makes an appearance.

All of this has created a huge amount of buzz around the company with the return of a well-beloved wrestler. There has been a dramatic shift in the relationship between both sides due in large part to Goldberg’s involvement with WWE 2K17. Let’s hope that this leads to more than just one match.

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