Goldberg May Have His Hands Full With A New Opponent



Since his return the WWE, Goldberg has had a singular focus on taking down Brock Lesnar. However, things have become more complex over the last couple of weeks. In light of that, Kevin Owens had a unique way of describing legend during an interview on ESPN Sportscenter with former WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman.

“I guess the one word I would call him is the enemy. Because growing up as a hardcore, die-hard WWE fan, he was the enemy, because he was the figurehead of WCW. The poster boy.”

During the first edition of “The Kevin Owens Show,” Goldberg made it apparent that his eyes were on winning the Universal title. This has put Owens front and center given that he’s currently the champion. Owens has held the belt since winning it in early September.

As for Goldberg, he is one of the first entrants for the Royal Rumble that feature will also Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho. This could make things very interesting in terms of how it will play out. All in all, there is much reason to tune into see what unfolds.

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