Gregg Popovich Takes An Indirect Shot At Stephen Curry



The San Antonio Spurs over the years under head coach Gregg Popovich have developed the national identity as being all business on the court. There is very little room for celebration in their culture unless it’s winning championships. According to SB Nation, Popovich appeared to take an indirect shot at two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry.

“He’s never going to be a towel waver,” Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said. “He speaks to me about things that he sees now. He comes into timeouts, if he’s not happy with what’s going on on the court. That’s all good.

“I’d rather have him do that than beat his chest and wiggle his shoulders and stare at the camera and all that other crap,” Pop continued. “That doesn’t seem to make much sense. I’d rather have it the other way and work on him to be a leader in the timeouts, in the locker room, on the plane. That kind of stuff.”

Curry is indeed the player he is describing because those are the actions he does on the court. However, he has been able to back it up with a pair of NBA MVP awards the last two seasons and an NBA title in two NBA Finals appearances. It’s something that has worked for him and helps him play at his elite level.

As for Popovich, his team does not have any players that will be flashy in that manner. It has never been that way that the Spurs act on the court. Ultimately, it has just been made more abundantly clear that Popovich has no time for on-court shenanigans.

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