Harrison Barnes Already Has His Eyes Set On One Major Change With Mavs



The Dallas Mavericks this past offseason made a slew of moves in hopes of changing things up for the franchise moving forward. Their biggest transaction was adding former Golden State Warriors forward Harrison Barnes in free agency on a max contract. In light of that, Barnes recently discussed with what major responsibility he will have over his head in the coming years.

“It’s no secret that Dirk is going to be leaving this team and the Mavs are going to be entering a post-Nowitzki era. We have to be prepared for that. That’s why I’m working every single day, working with the coaches, so I can do my part and make sure I’m ready. Whether that time is now or that time is whenever, I need to be able to step into that [role] and have it be a seamless transition.”

Nowitzki is at the tail end of his career with likely just a couple of more seasons under his belt left. He has been the face of the franchise for nearly two decades, and his departure will leave a huge void for the Mavericks. Barnes will be called upon to  be the first to try and fill that role.

Mark Cuban has continually spoken highly of Barnes even stating that he will eventually become their top scoring option. Dallas will need Barnes to step up in that role in order to an easy transition for the franchise. When it comes, Barnes will have the first crack to fulfill that spot for the organization.

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