Hassan Whiteside Doesn’t Hold Back When Firing Shots At His Doubters


Hassan Whiteside has been with the Miami Heat since 2014.  Since then, he has grow as a player and is not perhaps the most important person on their roster.  This was made even more true with the departure of Dwyane Wade this past offseason.

Whiteside has been very effective both offensively and defensively.  He holds the Miami Heat’s record for most blocks in a game with 12.  Despite his continues success, he feels that he is still not given the amount of respect he deserves.  Whiteside doesn’t let this get him down though, he uses it as motivation:

It seems that Whiteside welcomes those that don’t respect his skill.  I have a feeling there will be fewer and fewer coaches out there that underestimate him as the year goes on.  Let’s see what Whiteside and Miami can do this year.

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