Hawks Make Clear Which Player They Intend To Build A Team Around



The Hawks have undergone some big changes in the past year. They traded Jeff Teague to Indiana and let Al Horford go to Boston. They replaced Horford with Dwight Howard, who seems to be poised for a return to form. The biggest question mark remaining is Paul Milsap.

Milsap is two years into a three year deal that includes a third year player option. Teams often trade players before that third year so that they can get some value before a player leaves. But the Hawks have made a declaration of strong interest in Milsap, and hope to retain him and build a team around him. Here’s what GM Wes Wilcox had to say, via the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Paul is a great professional, and it’s absolutely our goal for Paul to be a Hawk long term. It’s as simple as that

Last season, Millsap averaged 17.1 points, 9.0 rebounds, 3.3 assists, 1.8 steals, and 1.7 blocks and also landed on the All NBA Defensive second team. There’s still no guarantee that he’ll stay in Atlanta, but with a strong message of interest, the Hawks clearly plan to do what it takes to retain his talents.

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