Here’s How Stephen Curry Saved Warriors’ Pitch To Kevin Durant



It is well documented how much of a concerted effort that the Golden State Warriors put forth to land Kevin Durant. However, there isn’t much about that initial sit down pitch nearly went haywire. According to a recent interview with Rolling Stones, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr believes it was the two-time NBA MVP that saved it all.

“We all thought, ‘There goes the deal’ – we went from the best presentation to the worst in 15 seconds,” Kerr told Rolling Stone’s Paul Solotaroff.

“He told Kevin, ‘I don’t need the ball and that many shots – I just need another title, man.’

Things could have easily gone off track with the presentation going out the door. The ability of Stephen Curry to improvise on his feet allowed for the Warriors to get a true connection with the former league MVP. This may have been a blessing in disguise as it allowed for the players to discuss things at a more personal level.

What also helped their cause is that Durant was looking for a place that he could not grow as a player but also be in a family-type environment. The few Warriors players that were present were able to demonstrate that quality, which helped them convince the 27-year-old. Golden State now has in place a team that could very well be the league’s next dynasty.

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