Here’s The Reason Why Nikki Bella Didn’t Wrestle At Survivor Series



At Survivor Series this past weekend, Nikki Bella was a surprise late scratch from the women’s 5-on-5 match. The WWE had gone with the angle that she suffered an injury to her neck that prevented her from competing in the bout. According to Wrestling Inc., this route was taken for one particular reason.

Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that the angle with Nikki and Natalya was the plan from the start and Nikki is not injured. That angle had been planned ever since officials designed the match several weeks back.

Meltzer speculated that this is being done to set up a Nikki vs. Natalya feud.

A feud between Natalya and Bella sounds like the logical choice given she was the one who benefited from that fake injury. It put her in the match instead of Bella being in there. If this is indeed the feud that the company plans to go with, it ends her long feud with Carmella, who she has been competing against since she returned.

Bella has remained heavily in the mix in the women’s division following her comeback from the neck injury two months ago. The WWE has progressively worked her back in the centerfold and a feud with the rising star Natalya could help that go a long ways. It will be interesting to see what is in store.

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