Here’s Why Roman Reigns Is Off WWE European Tour



Earlier this week, it was revealed that Roman Reigns had been removed from the WWE tour of Europe. This has immediately brought up speculation about the reasoning behind it. According to Wrestling Inc., Reigns has taken a minor leave of absence for one particular reason.

As noted, WWE United States Champion Roman Reigns has been pulled from the current WWE European tour and will not be back on any shows this week. Dave Meltzer noted on Twitter that Reigns is not injured and has not failed a Wellness test. Meltzer noted on F4Wonline.com that Reigns is off the tour due to family commitments.

This should immediately calm the nerves of wrestling fans that had believed he had violated the wellness policy for a second time. Instead, he is just attending a prior family commitment. Once that is finished, he will back in the ring at Survivor Series as part of Team Raw for the 5-on-5 match.

Along with that, he is also scheduled to get another Universal title shot against Kevin Owens at Roadblocks pay-per-view in December. Things could quickly shift into high gear over the next couple of months with Reigns being in the mix of primary storyline. It will be interesting to see what’s in store for him over that span.

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