Here’s Why Women’s Title Match Won’t Headline Hell in A Cell PPV



In just a couple of days, the WWE is set to make history with the first women’s match inside Hell in the Cell. It was believed that the title bout between Sasha Banks and Charlotte would be the main event. According to Wrestling Inc., Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer believes it’s Vince McMahon isn’t fully behind the idea.

Meltzer noted that while many people backstage are in favor of Sasha vs. Charlotte headlining the show, and Triple H is backing the idea, McMahon has been insistent against it. This has led to a lot of frustration backstage.

“What everyone needs to understand is that there’s no one who understands the outside less than the man who makes all the decisions,” a source close to the situation told the Observer. “We just have to find a respectful way to change his mind.”

It’s not surprising to hear that Mcmahon has some doubts given that it’s the first women’s match in the company’s history. There is a lot at stake here with major injury risk involved that could be detrimental to the WWE. It’s a move that has McMahon iffy about making because it’s the first of its kind.

The most likely result is that it will remain a triple main event pay per view to stay on the safe side of things in that regard. However, if the title match were to go well without any setbacks suffered, this could be a major boost to making a women’s match the main event in the future. All in all, there is a lot on the line here.

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