If Daniel Bryan Were To Return To The Ring, He Would Want To Face…



In the last several months since his retirement from the WWE due to medical reasons, Daniel Bryan has been constantly talking about returning to the ring. It has been something that he so desperately desires. In a recent interview with Ringside Collectibles, Bryan revealed which superstar he would like to wrestle if he got his wish.

“I don’t think WWE would let me do another match. It would be hard to say which one person I would want to wrestle because there are so many people. Between Nakamura, AJ Styles, and guys who have come up to WWE since I’ve been gone. Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, guys that I’ve known for a long time. Even someone that I’ve wrestled multiple times on WWE like Cesaro, I’d love to wrestle him again. It’s a really tough call.”

A match between either one of these wrestlers would be an entertaining match. Nakamura and AJ Styles are both at the top of their game in the ring right now. Nakamura is currently the NXT champion while Styles is the WWE champion and is arguably best in-ring performer in the business.

There is almost a guarantee that either of these matches would be well worth while. Prior to his retirement, Bryan was one of the best wrestlers in the ring and a fan favorite. If he ever does make his return, expect there to be a huge draw for his match.

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