In The Face Of Plummeting Ratings, The NFL Is Trying To Downplay Lost Market Share



The season is only a quarter of the way through, but things don’t look good for the league’s popularity. TV ratings for games have been down across the board, consistently under performing the last few years.

Many have speculated as to the cause, but the NFL itself is sure that it’s only a fluke.

NFL media chief Brian Rolapp spoke on the issue, and acknowledged the low ratings, but rejected the notion that it’s a problem for the league. He sees it as a matter of missing star players from injury/suspension.

“We’re missing some stars out there,” NFL media chief Brian Rolapp said, via the Wall Street Journal.

It’s ironic that the NFL is blaming it’s poor television performances so far on the lack of star power when Tom Brady, arguably the biggest star in the league, has been suspended because of a 2 year long NFL campaign over “Deflategate.”

People outside of the NFL have speculated as to potential other causes. Some cite the unusually large following of the presidential election as a problem, claiming that debates and other media coverage has drawn away attention from casual fans. Others suspect a lack of competition in the league could be a problem, as we haven’t seen too many huge teams go head to head yet this season. Still others speculate that recent controversy like Deflategate, domestic violence and CTE/player safety has turned some people off of the league.

Either way, Rolapp says that “everything is fine” and that “the sky isn’t falling.” At the moment, he’s right. It’s hard to say that the sky is falling after just 4 weeks. But if this trend continues, expect the NFL to take it a little more seriously.

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