Is DeMar DeRozan Like Neo From The Matrix? He Thinks So


DeMar DeRozan wowed the NBA last year with outstanding play and a playoff run with the Raptors.  Somehow he has managed to look even more impressive so far this season.  DeRozan has scored 30+ points in 8 of his 9 games thus far, a record shared with the one and only Michael Jordan.

DeRozan has said the it sometimes feels like the game is slowing down when he is in the zone and playing well.  On Saturday the Raptors enjoyed a victory over the New York Knicks, in which DeRozan scored 33 points.  After the game, he was asked if the game still feels like it is in slow motion for him.  This is what he had to say:

Have all of the Jordan references gone to his head?  Does he see himself as the GOAT or “the one”?  Either way, its clear that he is on fire for now.  Lets see if he can keep the game in slow motion and keep putting up ridiculous numbers.

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