Is It Time For Jay Cutler And The Chicago Bears To Part Ways?



For the past eight years, Jay Cutler has been the Chicago Bears’ “franchise quarterback.” He was supposed to bring an end to the revolving door at the position for the Bears, which previously saw guys like Kyle Orton to Rex Grossman to Brian Griese start games in Chicago.

For the past eight years, Cutler has been nothing but mediocre and polarizing. His stand-off attitude and emotionless reactions on the field are traits most stars at the position don’t tote. Yet, for as bad as his image has become in Chicago, it’s not his only downfall.

His play has been unspectacular, and even bad at times, in recent years — and for most of his time in Chicago. This is a guy who owns a career mark of 205 touchdowns to 143 interceptions, a ratio that isn’t exactly something most teams would want to see from their franchise quarterback. He’s completed just 62 percent of his passes and owns a record of 67-69 in 11 seasons.

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