Is This The Key To Success? The Celtics Win When Brad Stevens Does This!


The Boston Celtics are off to a solid start so far this year.  They sit at 4th in the Eastern Conference with a record of 10-7.  Definitely not a bad beginning, but Boston is looking for ways to improve and win more.

There are rumors that the Celtics are still looking to make a trade for another big star to help give them the boost they need.  However, maybe the solution lies somewhere else: Brad Stevens attire.  When the Celtics coach has worn a tie the team has gone 7-1 this season.  When he doesn’t wear a tie, they have a dismal 3-6 record.

Maybe the old motto about dressing for success has some validity to it.  Brad Stevens should probably keep his tie on just to be safe while the Celtics look for other ways to improve.

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