It Didn’t Take Long For Steve Kerr To Name NBA’s Two Best Shooters Off The Dribble



Throughout his first two-plus years of coaching the Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr has been quite thoughtful with his answers. He has been an excellent source for providing strong opinions on just about any subject. When he was recently asked by the San Francisco Chronicle about which players are the best shooters in the league off the dribble he quickly quipped that Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard hold that title.

“They’re absolutely the two best shooters off the dribble in the league. With that kind of range, there’s nobody like them. They present a lot of problems, obviously, in terms of the way they stretch the floor and what that does to your defense.”

These two certainly are worthy of that title and are dangerous shooters off the dribble that can light up the scoreboard in a hurry. Curry has made that a huge part of his game over the last two years while Lillard has only become better at that aspect of his game in his first few seasons in the league. This has also been instrumental in making them a couple of the best scorers in the NBA.

These two All-Stars have the ability to change the entire flow of the game because of their offensive abilities. Curry can quickly get hot from behind the arc from any distance while Lillard is able to create his shot from just about anywhere on the floor. All in all, these two certainly fall at the top of this list in this category.

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