Jacksonville Jaguars Fans Might Not Be Happy With The Team’s New Coaching Hire



As the race to hire a new head coach rages on for multiple teams, the Jacksonville Jaguars have become the first to find their solution. Unfortunately for fans, it’s probably not one they’re going to like.

Though early rumors suggested that Mike Smith would take over, today the organization announced that they’ve decided to promote from within. They announced that former assistant head coach/offensive line coach and current interim head coach Doug Marrone will be made permanent head coach. Additionally, the team will bring Tom Coughlin back into the organization to serve as Vice President of Football Operations.

The move signals more of the same for the team. While a name like Mike Smith didn’t instill dreams of Super Bowls, many believed he could bring the discipline and drive that a talented young Jaguars squad desperately need. Instead, they’ll promote the assistant head coach of a team that went 3-13. In Marrone’s defense, he did deliver the first home win in over a year after he was made interim head coach. Still, if the team was going to promote within, it would have been a good idea to fire Bradley sooner and give Marrone a good 8 week stretch of games to see how he does.

Marrone has head coach experience, serving two years in Buffalo for a combined 15-17 season. With a 1-1 record as interim head coach, he still has an overall sub .500 record at the helm of a team. That’s better than the Jaguars had this year, but that’s not exactly promising for the future.

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