James Ellsworth Has His Eyes Set On One WWE Dream match



Over the last few weeks, James Ellsworth has been a prominent figure in the WWE title picture involving AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose. He has garnered a pair of wins over Styles with the help of Ambrose. In a recent interview with the “Hit The Ropes” podcast, Ellsworth revealed the next match he hopes that he can land.

“A lot of the fans wanna see a rematch between [Braun] Stroman and I. I just wanna give the fans what they want. And the majority of fans on Twitter want me to get an entry to the Royal Rumble, which would be totally fine with me. It would be so cool. So I’m big into giving fans what they want. So I hope I enter into the Rumble.”

First things first, a match against Stroman would be a complete slobber knocker as he will get thrown around like a rag doll. It would only draw some attention given that wrestling fans would see Stroman’s pure strength on full display. That said, the former Wyatt Family member is currently involved in a new feud with Sami Zayn on Raw.

The more likely possibility here is Ellsworth getting a shot at participating in the Royal Rumble next year in the Alamodome. He would have to prove himself worthy of taking one of the 15 spots on the Smackdown roster. If he were to somehow make his way into the event, it will more than likely be a quick exit for him.

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