James Ellsworth Is Bursting With Excitement After What WWE Is About To Do



In the last couple of months, James Ellsworth has been featured on Smackdown Live in a prominent role. This has quickly brought up questions about his long-term future with the company. According to Wrestling Inc., the WWE is reportedly near a deal with Ellsworth to make him a full-time wrestler on the roster.

James Ellsworth is expected to sign a full-time WWE deal soon, if he hasn’t already, according to PWInsider. As noted, Ellsworth has been announced as the Team SmackDown mascot for Survivor Series and made his first live appearance on Wednesday in Berlin.

There were several reports that stated the WWE had been contemplating about whether or not they were going to offer him a contract. Things began heading in offering him a deal after he quickly rose to popularity while being heavily featured in the feud between AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose. This included his t-shirt becoming a much-wanted item in the WWE store.

That said, it looks like the WWE is going to ride out his popular and his niche as long as they can. It will be interesting to see what will be in store for him after he falls into another storyline. Until then, Ellsworth can finally find relief from landing the deal he had been seeking.

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