James Ellsworth May Have A Huge Reason To Be Excited About His WWE Future



In the last few weeks, James Ellsworth has taken up a prominent role on Smackdown Live. Although he has become a punching bag for Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles, Ellsworth has found himself well immersed into the program. According to PWInsider.com, he may have another reason to be extremely excited.

PWInsider.com has learned there has been a push in the last week internally for WWE to sign James Ellsworth to a full-time deal, so don’t be shocked to see him pop back up on WWE TV as soon as this week’s Smackdown.

Much of this has been due to his surprising popularity with T-shirt sales. Ellsworth may not provide much ring appeal, but he has become a fan favorite. In many ways, he may have given wrestling fans someone they can connect because of his average joe look in the ring.

In light of that, Ellsworth has stated he would like to compete in the Royal Rumble next year. If he gets a contract from Smackdown Live, there’s a much better chance that comes to fruition. This is certainly something to watch moving forward.

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