James Ellsworth Should Be Excited About WWE Has Planned For Him



In the last several weeks, James Ellsworth has been prominently featured on Smackdown Live. During this time his future with the company has been in question. According to Wrestling Inc.,  Ellsworth is expected to play a part at Survivor Series.

It was announced at today’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Glasgow that James Ellsworth will be Team SmackDown’s mascot for the November 20th WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view.

Since making his debut on Smackdown Live just over a month ago, Ellsworth has quickly become a fan favorite. In fact, his t-shirt sales have been through the roof. This has shifted management to considering to keep him on board long term with the WWE.

With the company continuing to bringing him back, there seems to be a growing sense that he could earn a contract. It’s something that was reported over the last couple of weeks. Ultimately, the WWE is going to ride his wave as long as possible and see where it takes them.

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