James Harden Has A Surprising Choice For Who He Believes is The NBA’s Best Point Guard



When the conversation switches over to who is the best point guard in the NBA, the usual suspects are either Chris Paul or Russell Westbrook. This is a distinguished honor that the elite players have received from their colleagues. In a recent interview with The Vertical, recently converted point guard James Harden didn’t hesitate when asked who he thought was the best point guard in the league.

Harden has long dominated the ball as a facilitating shooting guard, but D’Antoni ended speculation about what he truly is by stamping him with the label of full-time point guard. Now that Harden is setting up teammates better than anyone else and currently leads the league in assists, who is the league’s best player at his position?

“Best point guard or best player?” Harden responded when asked.

Either one.

“I am,” Harden told The Vertical.

Harden has made a strong case for that title so far this season as he’s leading the league by a large margin with 13.0 assists per game. He has also remained a potent scorer being the first player to ever have four games with at least 30 points and 15 assists in the first seven contests of a season. These numbers are quite difficult to ignore from Harden especially due to his increased effectiveness offensively.

That said, Paul has had a grip hold on that title for the last several years. He is a complete package player on both ends of the floor that has seven All-NBA Team selections and six eight All-Defensive team nods. Until Harden can show he can be more than serviceable on that end of the floor, it’s hard to give him that prestigious honor.

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