James Harrison Blasts His Teammates For Steelers 4 Game Losing Streak



The Steelers are known for good defense, or at least they used to be. This season the defense has been lacking, and it’s a major factor in the four game losing streak they’re sitting on right now.

On Sunday, Ben Roethlisberger and the offense had a fantastic game, gaining 448 total yards. Big Ben connected with Antonio Brown in the final minute of the game to put the Steelers up 30-29 with just 42 seconds on the clock. It seemed like a win, until the Steelers defense completely folded and let Dallas drive down the field to score again for a final score of 35-30. It was the most points the Steelers have given up all year, and during a pivotal moment in the season.

Veteran linebacker James Harrison was furious after the game. He called out his defensive teammates and blamed the unit for the loss. Via NFL Network:

James Harrison wasn’t interested in discussing any one #Steelers defensive breakdown: “It was totally sh*tty. We are quite terrible.”

The team currently has the 25th ranked defense in the league, which is terrible considering how great the Steelers defenses of years past were. Hopefully Harrison’s harsh words and disappointment can fuel his unit to play better during the Steelers playoff push.

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