Jared Cook Starts An Unlikely Feud With An NFL Sponsor



Athletes promoting corporations and brands is not a new practice. The medium may have changed, with athletes promoting products on Twitter instead of in magazines, but the concept is still the same as it’s always been.

They’ve become so commonplace that when Jared Cook tweeted a picture from Buffalo Wild Wings, an NFL sponsor, many didn’t even realize it was an attack and not an endorsement. What may have at first seemed like yet another ad on Twitter was actually a truly disgusting picture Jared Cook took of his “food” from Buffalo Wild Wings.

Yup, that’s a chicken head. It seems like a pretty insane blunder really. Did the cook not notice that he was frying a chicken head instead of a wing? Or did he notice and decide to cook it anyway? Either way, it’s absolutely disgusting, enough to warrant a post on Twitter.

While Jared Cook won’t be happy about the dining experience he had, you can bet that Buffalo Wild Wings and the NFL, who has a partnership with the restaurant franchise, will be even more unhappy at the hit to their image they’ve taken from an NFL player’s tweet.

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