Jason Terry Names The Best Two Way Player In The League, Compares Him To Scottie Pippen



Kawhi Leonard has launched himself into superstar status this season thanks to some incredible performances. He’s always had the talent, but he’s taken his time with the Spurs to develop his talents across the board and evolve into a versatile shooter and one of the best defenders in the game.

He’s performed so well that he’s turning his doubters into disciples. Last year, veteran Jason Terry named Leonard as part of his list of “B Side Players.” Klay Thompson, who also made the list, dismissed the claims as ridiculous and defending Leonard specifically.

It seems Terry has had a change of heart. In his weekly radio show, The Runway, he reassessed Leonard and compared him to one of the NBA’s greatest players in history:

“Kawhi Leonard bar none, is the top two-way player in our league and will go down as one of the best in NBA history next to Scottie Pippen. I mean this kid is phenomenal.”

Terry continued his praise by saying that Leonard has a better jump shot than Scottie did, and that he will become better than Pippen if he continues to develop.

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