Jay Cutler Responds To Reports Saying Bears Have Given Up On Him



Jay Cutler’s leadership came into question earlier this week when two unnamed Bears players told Bleacher Report that most of the locker room had given up on the veteran quarterback after the Chicago Bears’ lopsided loss the Bucs.

Cutler denied the report Thursday, questioning the validity of the sources, one of whom said Cutler’s preparation for the loss was “truly embarrassing.”

“Unnamed source, I’m guessing?” Cutler asked on Thursday, via ESPN. “The source could be a lot of people. It could be a made-up source. It could actually be guys in there. If people actually start putting their names on it, we can have a discussion about it.” Cutler’s preparation might be in question, but his performance Sunday is not. The 33-year-old completed 16 of 30 attempts for 182 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions.

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