Jeff Teague Throws Some Major Shade At His Former Hawks Teammates



Back in the 2014-15, many predicted that the Hawks would be a dominant team in the future. They won 60 games and went on an unprecedented win streak to do it. But the next year they only won 48 and got swept in the second round of the playoffs by the Cleveland Cavaliers. It prompted big line up changes, including letting Al Horford walk and trading Jeff Teague.

Now that he’s out of Atlanta, Teague feels safe in saying that he thinks that his 60 win season with the Hawks is the best the franchise is capable of.

“It happens to every team. You can only go so far. You can only do so much. I think we reached our ceiling with me and Al and that group when we won those 60 games. We followed up and didn’t do as well the next year. We had a good season but we pretty much knew it was over.”

He also insists that his request to be traded didn’t have anything to do with the fact that Dennis Schroder seemed poised to take his job at starting point guard in the near future.

“It’s not about me and Dennis. I don’t know why people always make it like there is bad blood. I’m not even that type of guy. I want the best for everybody. I was happy when he got his extension. I saw him work hard every day to become a better player. He deserved it. I was happy when (Kent Bazemore) got his chance and his money. I love that team over there. I love those guys over there. I never wish bad on anybody or hope they don’t do well. I hope they all play great.”

Either way, the Hawks have moved on and so has Teague. He’s now playing for his hometown Pacers, who currently sit on a 7-9 record. The Hawks have added Dwight Howard, who is showing signs of vintage Orlando Dwight, and the team currently has a 10-5 record.

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