Jerick McKinnon Paid A Hilarious Tribute To A Fallen Celebrity During His Warm Ups



While the NFL has cracked down on players wearing specialty cleats, this year has still been one of the best for quality shoe designs. From Antonio Brown’s Muhammed Ali cleats to DeAndre Hopkins Yeezy cleats, players have been taking the shoe game to the next level.

But Vikings running back Jerick McKinnon just took the cake for best shoes of the year with the cleats he wore for his pre game warm up. He honored a celebrity that died in 2016 that has been talked about on the internet more than just about anyone: Harambe, the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla.

The Vikings already had a pre game huddle shout out to Harambe earlier in the season, so the team seems to be pretty upset by his passing.

Unfortunately the NFL doesn’t typically allow these kinds of designs in game. They will, however, make an exception on Week 13, when players will be allowed to sign up to wear alternate cleats. 400 players have already signed up.

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