Jerry Jones Backs Off Original Comments Supporting Romo Over Prescott



The debate over who should start at quarterback in Dallas has taken another turn. While Tony Romo has been sidelined with a back injury, Dak Prescott has emerged as one of the most talented rookies in his class. He’s made it clear that he’s the future of the Cowboys team, and he’s impressed many so much that they think he’s also the present.

Initially Jerry Jones was fully committed to Romo, saying that he’d be starting as soon as he was cleared to play. Prescott supported the decision, stating that he was enjoying his playing time but that he knew just as well as everyone else that Dallas is “Tony’s team.” But after Prescott impressed yet again on Sunday, things became less clear. Now Jerry Jones has backed off his previous statements and given a much more convoluted answer that suggests that the job is still up in the air. Via Dallas Morning News:

If Dak wins Sunday is he starter going forward? Jerry Jones: “I don’t know if I’d look at it that way…There’s nothing simple about this.”

The Cowboys will take on the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, which should prove to be the toughest test for rookies Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot so far. Green Bay features one of the best run defenses in the league, while Elliot and the Dallas Cowboys have proved to be one of the most effective ground teams in football this year. That ability to run has taken some pressure of Prescott. If Green Bay can shut down Zeke, it’ll be up to Prescott to propel the Cowboys to victory.

The decision is already murky, but if the Cowboys can pull off the win against the Packers, it’ll be that much harder.

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