Jerry Jones’ Confuses The Prescott/Romo Situation Even More With Latest Cryptic Comments



After a strong 5-1 start to the season, the debate over whether the Dallas Cowboys should start Tony Romo once he’s healthy or keep rolling with Dak Prescott rages on. The rookie quarterback has been among the most impressive rookies in the league, and the Cowboys offense hasn’t missed a beat with him at the reins. Initially, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said there was “zero chance” that Dak would start over a healthy Romo, but he’s since backed off that statement.

Now he’s made things even more confusing with his most recent statement regarding the situation, an analogy to Tom Brady. Here’s what he said:

The Patriots didn’t bring Tom Brady back because he deserved it. They brought him back because he gave them the best chance to win.

That’s either a hopeful or a damning comment for Tony Romo, depending on your interpretation. If Jones’ is keen to start whoever he thinks gives them a better chance to win, it all comes down to your assessment of each player. Prescott has lead the team to a 5-1 record, the best in the league alongside the Patriots and the Vikings. He’s clearly proven his ability to win with the team, and if Jones thinks that his production will continue, then Tony Romo doesn’t have a leg up on Prescott.

But if Jones is comparing Romo to Brady, a veteran player who’s earned his spot after years of excellent performances, then he should walk right back into the team.

Which interpretation is correct is anybody’s guess at this point. Jones is notorious for these kinds of confusing non-answers, so don’t expect him to clear things up anytime soon.

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