Jets Cornerback Admits That Age Isn’t Just A Number When It Comes To Playing In The NFL



Darrelle Revis is just in the second year of a five-year deal with the Jets, but the veteran cornerback admitted this week that his body isn’t holding up as well as he’d like it to.

“My body’s breaking down,” Revis told Newsday. “I can still play, it’s just, I’m breaking down. I’m 31. How many corners are 31 right now in the league? The league’s getting younger. I know [Vikings cornerback Terence] Newman’s still playing [at 38], which is impressive. But I don’t know how he’s doing it.”

Revis made sure it was clear that he’s not retiring or anything, just that his body isn’t healing up as quickly or as fully as it used to. Basically, he’s just getting older.

The cornerback said he still feels that he can play at a high level and feels good, “all things considered,” but recognizes that he’s not the same guy as he was in his prime. Still, he sounded a bit surprised about the criticism he received after a slow start to the year.

“When you play Cover Zero on some of the best receivers in the world, it takes a toll on your body,” Revis said. “And your coaches have confidence to say we trust that you’re going to shut down this guy that had 200 yards receiving and the week before he had (more). We trust you with that job. So it’s hard. It’s a lot.”

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