Jim Ross Has Made His Prediction For Universal Title Match At Hell In Cell PPV



The WWE less is than a day away from their second pay-per-view event held by Raw since the brand split a few months ago. It will be a Hell in a Cell with three matches featured in that manner, which includes Kevin Owens defending the Universal title against Seth Rollins. In light of that, former longtime WWE commentator Jim Ross has provided his predictions for that much-anticipated bout.

I see Kevin Owens retaining his Universal Title against the newly minted fan favorite Seth Rollins who is still a work in progress with the fans as it relates to moving from villain to hero. No reason these two shouldn’t have a helluva outing. For one to think that Rollins must win to cement his ‘turn’ is pet coon goofy.

All of the momentum seems to be headed in the direction of Owens retaining the title being it’s will be just his second defense. Since earning the championship on the first episode of Raw following SummerSlam, he has seen his stardom take off to greater heights as he has been a convincing heel. Owens has clearly found his niche which has been nothing but beneficial to the WWE.

That said, the WWE still needs more time to develop Rollins as a babyface. He has progressively become a fan favorite in more of a hero’s role, which will eventually take full effect in the next few months. Until then, Rollins falling short in title matches will only gain more favor with wrestling fans as a babyface.

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