Jim Ross May Have Shot Down Any Chance Of This Mega Match From Happening



In the last few weeks, there has been the rumor swirling around that Shawn Michaels could come out of retirement to face AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble. Styles had recently addressed it with a desire to make it happen. However, former WWE commentator Jim Ross has quickly shot down that possibility.

“The odds of Shawn Michaels wrestling at the Royal Rumble vs AJ Styles is a definite long shot as HBK has stressed to me on multiple occasions including the Ross Report podcast that he’s done with in ring activities in the wrestling biz. However, Shawn is a ‘company man’ and if WWE really needed a main event that could move a large amount of tickets in San Antonio at the Alamo Dome, I think that HBK would consider the company’s request.

“Without question, a Michaels vs Styles match in San Antonio at the Royal Rumble would be coveted by all involved if it were to occur. I’d realistically put the odds of this main event happening at less than 50-50 but I’d love to be wrong on this one.”

The fact that Ross is referencing Michaels stating to him repeatedly that he doesn’t want to return to the ring should hold much credence. He hasn’t taken part in a match since his retirement six years ago. It would be hard pressed to believe all that would change with this rumor floating around.

That said, Ross did indicate that if the WWE really wanted to make it happen there would be a realistic chance of it coming to fruition. Michaels does currently work at the performance center in Orlando and has been extremely loyal to the company over the years. All in all, it may come down to whether the WWE wants to put on this dream match.

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