Jim Ross May HaveJust Hinted At A WWE Legend Returning For WrestleMania 33



Since leaving the WWE several years ago, Jim Ross has kept a tab on his former employer. The latest subject he touched upon in his blog was The Undertaker’s health. In a recent post, Ross shed some light on the 51-year-old’s future in the ring in terms of WrestleMania 33.

“Regarding the litany of Undertaker questions that we have received both here on our site and via Facebook and Twitter @JRsBBQ, the Deadman apparently had a minor hip procedure completed recently. This procedure will have little to no bearing on Taker performing at WM33 in Orlando next April based on what I know. It also doesn’t mean that Taker will compete on the grand stage in 2017 but at this point I’d be surprised if he didn’t. If the next Wrestlemania is Taker’s last one, then one has to assume that WWEwill do nothing but capitalize on this golden opportunity market the career and accomplishments of the Undertaker with an historic weekend. To this entire matter, one can merely say. “Stay tuned.””

Ross has all but cemented the notion that the Deadman would partake in a match at WrestleMania 33 next year in Orlando. Many had been worried about the photos of him using crutches to get around, but it appears it was due to minor hip surgery to get himself right before he wrestles at the pay-per-view event. It also sounds like it could be his last ride with the company, which would mark the end of a sure-fire Hall of Fame career.

Although all of this is just speculation at this moment, things are certainly working toward The Undertaker finally stepping away. He has been a part-timer for the last few years and hasn’t participated in a match since WrestleMania 32 against Shane McMahon. The question left here is who would get the honor to wrestle him for possibly the last time in his illustrious career.

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