Jimmy Butler Compares The Bulls To A College Team



After big changes to the Bulls line up in the off season, many analysts anticipated a volatile environment that wouldn’t amount to much on the court. With a top 10 defense and a spot at number 3 in the Eastern Conference, the Bulls are proving everyone wrong.

A big part of that is team chemistry. The Bulls spent the beginning of training camp working on chemistry, and it’s paying off. Jimmy Butler says that the team is so close, you’d think they were a college team:

“As much as you see guys around each other, you would think we live in a dorm. The way we all leave the building at the same time, we’re all going to eat somewhere, we’re all at somebody else’s house. You would think, I don’t know (if it’s) a good or bad thing, that we are a college team.”

Putting together three players that need the ball a lot doesn’t always work out. Rondo, Jimmy Butler and DWade seemed like a bad mix of talented individuals. But the trio is +25 on the court together for the season, exceeding everyone’s expectations. The chemistry and closeness they’ve built is a major factor.

“We’re always talking to each other in a group chat, competing in a video (game). Something about this group of guys, we just always want to be around each other. We realize we’re all we have whenever we step out onto the United Center floor or an away game. It’s us, it’s these coaches, it’s this organization.”

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