Jimmy Graham Has A Message For His Haters



There was a time not too long ago that Jimmy Graham was considered one of the best tight ends in the league, perhaps falling second only to Gronk. Those times, of course, were before he moved to Seattle.

In New Orleans, Graham and Drew Brees were a fearsome combination, peaking in Graham’s 2013 season with 1,215 receiving yards and 16 touchdowns. He’s struggled in Seattle to maintain those numbers. Between Thomas Rawls, Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson, Graham was something of an afterthought. An injury that cut his season short early didn’t help.

But with Rawls injured, Lynch retired, and Wilson banged up, the Seahawks have transitioned to a much more pass happy team, and Graham has been a major beneficiary of the change. He’s on pace for nearly 1,100 yards this season, and caught two incredible one handed touchdown passes on Monday night. With his resurgent success, and a bid for his 4th Pro Bowl selection seemingly likely, Graham has a message to those that doubted he’d return after his tendon injury last year. Via ESPN:

“I’m excited because a lot of people didn’t believe that I’d come back,” Graham said. “A lot of people just didn’t believe that I’d be able to be me again. To go out there and do that [Monday], it means a lot because I put so much work in. When no one was watching, I was in the shadows working.”

“I cherish every second on that field,” he said. “It doesn’t matter what I’m doing out there, I love it. Because it was taken from me, and at times not knowing if I would get it back.”

Clearly that hard work has paid off, as Graham looks just as good as he always has.

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