Joakim Noah Throws More Fuel On The Fire, Takes Another Shot At Cleveland



Joakim Noah is a guy who’s lived and been all over the world. He holds 3 different passports, thanks to his Swedish mother and French father, and he’s lived in multiple countries. When you’ve traveled as much as he has, places like Cleveland don’t really impress you.

Noah’s never been quiet about that fact either. He rips on Cleveland every chance he gets, most famously saying “Cleveland really sucks.” So when asked about watching them get their rings in the season opener, he couldn’t resist the chance to take another dig at the city. Via New York Daily News:

“I don’t think it’s ironic. Congratulations to Cleveland. Even though it’s not a vacation spot, you guys got your championship.”

Cleveland fans shouldn’t be too upset by his comments. Noah had almost no impact on the game and his team lost. It’s also a high point for Cleveland sports right now, with their NBA Championship earlier this year and their baseball team just one win away from a World Series title.

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