Joe Flacco Fires Back After Ray Lewis Questions His Passion



Ray Lewis made headlines on Thursday when he blamed the Ravens struggles on a lack of passion from quarterback Joe Flacco. Lewis told reporters that Flacco was “gifted” but that he had never seen any passion out of Flacco in the four years they spent together on the Ravens.

Joe and his teammates didn’t take kindly to the statements. While Flacco gave an interview about the statement, his teammates in the locker room chanted “we got your back.” Here’s what Flacco said:

“It’s a little surprising coming from Ray, but it’s been something I’ve dealt with probably back before high school. It’s just part of my personality. When things are going good, it’s questioned as if it’s a good thing. When things aren’t going as well as you might like them to be, it’s always a question as to whether my personality is that of one that fits what an NFL quarterback should be. It’s not anything I’m not used to. But it is a little bit different coming from Ray.”

Flacco’s teammates were less diplomatic. Safety Eric Weddle said that the statement was “odd” and that Lewis should remember that Flacco “won him a Superbowl.” he continued with the following:

“We love Joe. He’s our guy,” Weddle said. “He’s a great teammate, professional, leads, everything you want. It’s kind of irrelevant. We don’t really care what the outside thinks. For an old teammate to say that, it’s just like, ‘Don’t you have something better to talk about?’ I guess he didn’t.”

Based on the scene in the locker room Friday morning, it seemed that Lewis’ dig at Flacco served to motivate and unite the team. With a big road game against Dallas this weekend, the Ravens will certainly need passion from everyone on the field.

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