Joel Embiid Is Trying To Create A New Nickname For Himself



After being sidelined for two years with back and foot injuries, the Joel Embiid era has officially begun in Philadelphia.

Embiid was picked number 3 overall two years ago, and though he missed his first two years with the franchise, fans still have plenty of reason to be excited. The Philadelphia front office stuck by him despite his injury woes, always insisting that the key was to simply “trust the process.” Apparently that stuck with Embiid, who wants “The Process” to be his new nickname.

According to Philadelphia Daily News, Embiid has asked 76ers Public Address Announcer Matt Cord to refer to him as Joel “The Process” Embiid when introducing the team on the court.

Unfortunately for Embiid, Cord did not refer to him by the nickname when he introduced the team on Thursday night. But Embiid is still pushing for it, changing his instagram profile to reflect his desired name change. Basketball Reference updated his page to reflect the change as well.


Embiid may very well come to be known as the Process, but he’s going to have to earn it.

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