John Cena’s Return Date Has Already Been Locked In By WWE



It has been quite awhile since John Cena has been in a full-time role with the WWE since he begun filming the second season of “Amercian Grit.” He has had one on-air match since SummerSlam, which was at No Mercy last month. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Cena’s return has been put into the schedule.

Cena is returning from filming the second season of “American Grit” after Christmas. He’s been scheduled for the 12/26 show in Madison Square Garden, which is the first Smackdown brand house show of the holiday week, and traditionally the company’s best drawing U.S. house show of the year. The current lineup, which will change weekly, is Styles vs. Cena vs. Ambrose in a three-way for the WWE title.

The 39-year-old is making his return at a great time for the WWE given it’s one of their biggest shows of the year. It would only make sense to put him in a big match with major title implications. The last time these three superstars competed in the same match format, Styles was able to pin Cena to retain the belt.

There could be a different result this time around as Cena would be making his first on-air return. It may mean him finally tying Ric Flair for the all-time world title mark. All in all, Cena being back in the picture should give the program a significant boost in ratings.

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