Josh McCown’s Daughter Made A Hilariously Sweet Tribute To Her Dad’s Career



Josh McCown has had a strange career. He’s proved his worth as an NFL quarterback time and time again in his career. He certainly has the skills to stay in the league, but he’s never really shown enough to earn a full time starting position. As a result, he’s managed to play for 9 different teams.

So when his daughter’s school had Jersey Day for Homecoming Week, she decided to pay tribute to her dad and his many teams. She enlisted the help of some of her friends and put together this awesome tribute:

The two teams missing are the Carolina Panthers and the Arizona Cardinals. That’s a lot of teams that McCown has played for over the years. He’s always kept a cool head, never complained about being a back up, and has gotten things done when he was called upon. Those are all admirable traits, and clearly his daughter recognizes that.

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